Saturday 16th May 2009

By Mike Soulby

Myself [Mike] and Rob2 went up to white river at the weekend to have a look at a lead in the white river series in peak cavern. We bombed down JH, through speedwell, up block hall and through watt passage to our destination, Kingdom inlet, which is just on your right as you head up towards heaven. A short climb up a nice flowstone ramp reveals a 5 meter or so high aven, at the top of which a small stream emerges. Henry has been working on this top section trying to bang some stubborn rock out of the way in order to make some progress to see where the stream is coming from. At the bottom of the aven is a small pool of muddy ming with a crawl beyond it, this is what we had come to look at.  (it had been looked at before by moose but he had decided not to dig it, apparently). After a delightful duck through the pool of liquid mud soup a flat out passage rises at a steady angle out of the water and after only 5 meters or so the sediment fill prevents you getting any further, however a good 6 inches or more of air space continues heading up hill. We were armed with a spade but as you can’t really move in the passage it was a bit pointless and a more concerted digging effort would be required starting from the base of the aven in order to make the passage big enough to dig in.

We decided to leave it for the time being and headed back down block hall and got ourselves cleaned by having a play in the lower bung streamway, we made it all the way down to treasury sump in some awesome, but treacherous streamway. We also headed a fair way down the overspill passage which thunders off to the left of treasury sump before i decided i didn’t like the nature of the passageway, got scared, and headed back to the relative quiet of treasury sump. We then headed back up to the speedwell canal and JH having almost forgotten that we still had 200m of prussaking to do, bollocks!

We managed to exit while it was still light after a non-stop 7 hours underground and headed straight for the TSG for Rosie’s birthday mash up. It was a good trip and i’m fairly psyched to head back to scoop out some of the ming.

It was also an awesome night but i fear many of us may have been mentally scarred