Some handy timetables this term resulted in a number of SUSS having thursdays off…Fun time thursdays were born! The aim was to do fun trips, and get back in time for the pub…here are some of the trips we did.

19th February Giants

This saw me (Rosie) wanting to celebrate the anniversary of breaking my back! So me, Jane and Ali went to do Giants Bottom…
First problem – getting rope, all of H’s flatmates were out. We overcame this (not by breaking and entering) and headed to Giants car park.
Second problem – major traffic in Giants upper series, I think Jane counted over 30 mini trogladytes playing about. But we overcame this, by overtaking them all! Ali rigged and we were racing through Crab Walk in no time at all.
Third problem – the route on had sumped. Apparently it hadn’t – me and jane just mucked up the route finding…so we didn’t quite get down to Giants bottom.
The rest of the trip was a great success, and we even visited the Organ Pipes on the way out. Headed to a pub in the peaks, before the Cobden and Plug later that night.

26th February Eldon Hole

Alisa, Ali and Me went to do Eldon Hole via the West Face. A nice little bimble, although we did descend onto a blue fettid rabbit. It was ok, until you nelt down and realised the stench. We went into the Main Chamber and to Miller’s chamber where Ali decided he didn’t like ascending the in situ rope of doom.
As me and Ali were ascending – we heard a piercing scream – Alisa had seen a frog. Alisa doesn’t like frogs! But thankfully it didn’t attack her and we got back to the Cobden safe and sound.

5th March saw Fun time thursdays venture to a different county. After a long drive, we reached Robins Shaft Mine. This is a pleasantly sloping series of pitches. Ask Ali about the rigging (for which he won an annual award!) The rock has some really pretty markings as you descend, and you reach a scree slope at the bottom. We investigated this a bit, but you end up in a rift of unstable deads…so we decided it wasn’s such a good idea. I went down a tight muddy crawl, which was once Tim and Brendan’s project – they have an impressive mound of spoil which they’d excavated.
Going out was more of a scramble up a steep slope whilst attached to the rope! Another award was gained this trip – but ask Alisa for the details!

12th March – Winnats Head
Alisa, Ali, H and Me decided to go down Winnats Head. I advised Ali that it wasn’t a wet trip, in retrospect I had forgotten the constant water dripping on your head as you go through the boulder chokes!
It was a good, short trip- we wanted a reccy for taking the ropes back next time. All being relatively small, we got through the chokes pretty quickly…and I managed not to fall out of the final choke this time, thankfully.
Ali and H decided against the damp crawl to have a look at the pitches, but curiosity made me and Alisa have a peek…all good for next time.
It was even light as we got out of the cave…back in time for the committee to have their meeting, and me to have a shower before food at the Cobden.

19th March – Nettle Pot to Derbyshire Hall
Alisa and Jane went ahead to rig the first pitches, whilst me and Ali waited in the car – no point in standing around in the cold!
A lot of faffing later, and we went to descend the tight pitches, meeting the others a little way down. The pull through took a lot of thought as it kept getting stuck…point of note – tie the rope onto the left hand side, it seems to work better! At the top of this pitch we managed to find Biffa’s sling and karabina – result!
With a bit of controlled breathing Ali got through to Derbyshire Hall and we all sat and looked at the pretty straws and formations for a bit.
The way out was tight as usual, but again another fun time thursday was enjoyed by all!

More updates soon!