This is one of those places that has been hard won. It started out as speculation, people knew there were streets down there but nobody could access them. I was fortunate enough to be shown how.

Access is true peice of genuis by Mr Stepping Lightly and it really is a case of thinking latterally to get in somewhere. He looked at old photos and examined options before the lightbulb popped on.I had opted out of exploring this up til now, somehow I just didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. I know there are people out there who would give their teeth to explore it so I feel very privilidged to know the people who could shoe me how its done. On this occasion I explored with Scott.

On entering the underground arches I was suddenly impressed. The air raid shelters, come shops, come art deco toilets must be seen to be believed. These arches and passageways were more comprehensive than I had been expecting and did take me by surprise. Two hours were easily spent roaming around. There isn’t a lot to be seen to be fair, but there is a lot to be experienced.It wasn’t all pleasant. At one point we looked up at some really oozy cables which Scott believed lead up to the Cathedral. The sewage has backed up in sections, and that is rather unpleasant.There were calcite straw formations down there that were simply stunning and some of the best I’ve seen in Britain – so close. Really something else!!